Corporate orientation

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  • Status: Must = M of Optional = O

Social orientation

  • Acting responsible towards people involved
    • Living wage
    • (labor/trade) union
    • Overtime

Economic orientation

  • Earn money at the end
    • Lean
    • Finance
    • Marketing

Fulfillment of law orientation

  • Not going to jail (LkSG and EU SC law)
    • Establishment of a risk management, § 4 para. 1 (M)
      • Management Approach Guide (M)
    • Determination of an internal responsibility, § 4 Abs.3 LkSG (M)
      • Minimum requirements for the structure of the post of human rights officer (M)
    • Carrying out annual and event-related risk analyzes, § 5 LkSG (M)
      • Assistance through the provision and collection of external knowledge, including own audits and certified suppliers (M)
    • Submission of a policy statement, § 6 Para. 2 LkSG (M)
      • Template of a policy statement focusing on the expectations and minimum requirements with regard to the conventions (M)
    • Anchoring of preventive measures in the own GB and with the direct supplier, § 6 LkSG (M)
        • Specification of minimum content and templates for the (supplier) code of conduct (codes)
        • Specifications for determining delivery times, purchase prices or the duration of contractual relationships (procurement strategies and purchasing practices in compliance with antitrust regulations)
        • Preventive Exchange
        • Preparation of audit criteria and parts of the audit results by an independent third party
        • training courses
    • Establishment of a complaints procedure, § 8 LkSG (M)
      • Complete setup by industry initiative (M)
    • Implementation of due diligence requirements with regard to risks at indirect suppliers, § 9 LkSG (M)
      • Industry initiative as a source of information for substantiated knowledge (M)
    • Documentation and reporting, § 10 LkSG (M)
      • Template
      • EU tightening (M)
      • Scope already open to companies with an average of more than 250 employees, a worldwide net turnover of EUR 40 million and a turnover of 50% in the textile industry (M)
      • The value chain also includes the use and disposal of the product and related activities of the upstream and downstream business relationships (circular economy) (M)
      • Extension of the risk analysis to environmental risks, in particular climate protection / change (M)

Strategic typologies

  • How important is the issue to the company?
    • Professional - full overview - far in the implementation
    • Struggles with knowledge or implementation gaps
    • Pretend
    • Identical