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Agriculture or farming is the practice of cultivating plants and livestock.

Different approaches to food and agriculture


Conventional agriculture relies on the use of the chemical intervention. Such as pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs to grow crops


Regenerative Agriculture aims to enrich the soil, however it lacks any standard prohibiting the use of conventional chemical intervention such as pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and GMOs.


Organic Agriculture does not use any chemical intervention. Organic Agriculture prioritizes building a healthy soil. Instead of using chemical intervention it relies on natural methods such as, composting for the growth of healthy food.

Regenerative Organic


  • Agroecology. Agroecology generally aims at strengthening Sustainability, addressing Food Security and advancing the Sustainable Development Goals. Agroecology is an integrated approach that considers together the different elements the food system, from the seed and the soil, to the table.

Meat and Dairy Production

Meat is an important source of nutrition for many people around the world. Global demand for meat is growing: over the past 50 years, meat production has more than tripled. But the production of meat has large environmental impacts:

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