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Good for the Planet & for the Wellbeing of all life on Earth

We are facing huge challenges related to the wellbeing of us as humans, or life on earth in general and the condition of the whole planet. We have come to the point that, according to some, the survival of the Human species is at stake.

So things have to change, we need to stop the destructive way we are living and operating our businesses today. We have to move towards true circularity. Meaning that all stakeholders need to start making the right or the better choice. But what is the better choice? And is there something like the "universal" best choice? Plus in every point of choice you should be able to compare the options to make the decision what to buy or to consume.

That choice highly depends on reliable, relevant and accurate data available to all stakeholders, across the entire value network. This requires a common communication language, which is missing today. Resulting in the fact that doing good, or claiming to do better is often just marketing. Plus it is hard to compare claims and certifications. Is "Planet proof" better, the same, or different then "FairTrade" or "Organic"?

Our goal is to define a set of acceptable interchangeable indicators which can be used at every point of choice. From defining the Goodness strategy by the board, to extending the business case (financial driven) to the Goodness case (Why is this project good for the business, wellbeing and the planet?) and providing trustworthy data to customers/consumers to help them make the better choice.

This website was created to have a starting point for identifying and defining all dimensions related to sustainability. We divided sustainability into 3 types of sustainability: Environmental sustainability, social sustainability and economic sustainability. Of each type of sustainability is explained what the threads are and the cause and effect of these threads.

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